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Studio Hire
Photography & Art Studio spaces available.

Studio Hire 

Looking for studio space to rent to hold your class? Workshop? Or for your own personal use?

At WEXPRESIF we consist of 3 Creative Art studios and 1 Photography studio space in a very quiet and secure office building in the center of Livingston. Our studio spaces have been configured to cater for a variety of needs, whether that be an adult or children’s creative group, to the more mindfulness therapeutic practices or even for personal usage of our studio space to work on your own art or photography portfolio or hobby.

Our studio spaces for rent come fully equipped with the basic art & photography materials, perfect if you don’t want or can’t take your own materials or large pieces of equipment back n forth.  These you are more than welcome to use, however will be reflected in the studio rent cost.  We also have plenty of secure storage space too if required. The studios for rent are maintained as an art studio, with our photography studio set up with backdrop and basic lighting, with all our spaces currently being used for the purpose of our classes we offer at WEXPRESIF.

Studio space for rent is available at various times throughout the week and flexible contracts can be agreed, however, please refer to our TERMS & CONDITIONS for all further information and details.

For more information, please CONTACT US.





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