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Art Therapy
"Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist"

Art Therapy

At WEXPRESIF we are able to offer a variety of art experiences with the expertise of our owner Joan who is a fully qualified Art & Design Teacher since 2007.  Not only has Joan taught at various high schools, ASN and SEBN centers, she has also personally developed throughout her career her professional knowledge and practice of Art Therapy activities & exercises. 

Although Joan does not promote, she holds any medical certification, she has attended and delivered various workshops in therapeutic arts and understands fully the benefits of how art therapy for adults and children, not only engages the mind creatively but these targeted art therapy exercises also allow us to communicate visually, that can also be sensory and symbolic.  Therapeutic Art is another way to express ourselves.  Without saying a word, it gives us a voice and empowers our individual transformation.  At WEXPRESIF,


Joan uses art therapy techniques and activities/exercises through drawing, painting, collage, colouring or sculpting to aid self-expression and help analyze the emotional undertones in the artworks produced.  It is proven that art is a very beneficial way to express emotions/feelings, reduce stress, anxieties and help our brains to become more active and better at coping with future stresses and has a positive impact on our mental health overall.

Joan also offers an initial 1:1 consultation, so that a clear conversation takes place and that correct resources and art therapy activities/exercises are tailored to the individuals needs.  All sessions will take place in a quiet, relaxed space within our art studios; however, younger children also feel more comfortable in our kid’s art studio space, which is spacious, light and vibrant. At all times, we aim to create a warm, inviting and safe space where you can explore each activity/exercise at your ease and pace.

Our past clients from the age of 8, have highlighted positive experiences from our 6 week course.  Better self-awareness, self-confidence, improved communication and relationships with peers and family, confidently using positive coping mechanisms and daily strategies and having better emotional understanding overall.

Please refer to our TERMS & CONDITIONS for further details & costs.






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