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Life Drawing Courses

Life Drawing Courses

Our Life Drawing Courses will take place on a mid week evening @ 7.30-8.30 pm, or as a workshop, at various times of the year.  


All our classes take place in our warm & inviting art studio space where we explore the human form through sketches, mark making and mixed media drawings.  We will study proportions & measurement techniques, whilst appreciating the beauty of the human form.


Throughout each course you will learn various life drawing techniques to explore line, shape, colour, texture & form whilst experimenting with various art materials. Each Life Drawing Course has a live model who will pose nude, semi nude depending on the requirements of the life drawing activity that evening.  Life Drawing can be seen as a specialized skill, however, at WEXPRESIF we assure you that regardless of your ability this class will open your mind to new creative heights.  Many of our regular life drawing artists started as beginners with no life drawing experience at all. 

At WEXPRESIF we welcome everyone with zero judgement and no pressure, however, we can guarantee you will quickly become confident in your skills and be producing art that fits your artistic style (yes, we all have one!) as well as gaining experience in a different or new art skill and be producing artworks you are very proud of.  This is also the ideal course for anyone wanting to enhance their already experienced art skillset, knowledge or the further artistic understanding that Life Drawing can bring to you as an artist.


All Materials Provided.





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