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S4 - S6 Art Classes

Mondays @ 7.30pm - 8.30pm

S4 - S6 Art Classes

Our Monday evening S4-S6 Senior Phase classes are ideal for any pupil who is embarking on a creative path towards further education or career. 


At WEXPRESIF we offer classes for this age group specifically looking to improve, enhance skillsets or require additional 1:1 art tuition to complete SQA coursework, portfolio preparation or guidance on next steps.

Young people have the opportunity to work in our quiet, relaxed area of our art studio, to work undistracted with ample space to be creative with various materials and experience different techniques, whether that be for research, sketchbooks or just to feel supported with painting, drawing, printmaking etc., whilst being supported by a fully qualified Art & Design Teacher who has taught to Advanced Higher level, with an excellent track record of achieving high standards and results.

PAYG and BLOCK booking options available.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before making any booking.





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